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Cozy Cafés!

Okay, so for my blog post this week, I decided to write about some of the cafes I have been visiting lately to change up my work environment a little bit. I've given some little overviews of the three I have visited most recently, and then some small blurbs about ones I am hoping to visit soon and why I'm interested in them. So grab a hot beverage and read on!

Black Walnut

The Black Walnut is a well-known London Cafe. It has two locations, one downtown on Richmond and one in Wortley Village. Personally, I haven't been to the one in Wortley, but I've heard its nice. That said, I have been to the one on Richmond and it's great! The atmosphere inside is welcoming, cozy, and a great place to meet someone for a beverage. Click here to see their website. Some important points to consider:

  • They have fantastic pastries, desserts, and small food items! This can be an issue if you are trying to avoid eating too much delicious food or trying to keep an eye on your wallet.

  • They're drinks are also fantastic and I recommend the Chai Latte! It's not as sweet as versions from some other places and I'm a big fan.

  • They do have a policy where they will ask people to move on if they have been in the cafe for a long time (after about 1.5 hours, particularly if busy). This is to keep people moving through the cafe and to ensure that everyone can enjoy the space.

  • They don't have wifi, probably for the reason in the previous bullet point.

  • They have outdoor seating and are right next to an ice cream place (Haven's Creamery), both of which are fantastic in the summer.

  • They grind their own coffee locally! People seem to really like their brand.

Reset Social Cafe

Reset Cafe is newer than some of the other cafes, and is located just off of downtown on Talbot St. It's a couple blocks from the nearest bus stop, but still relatively easy to get to. Reset is one of my favorite places to work away from home or the office. Click here to see their website. Some things to consider:

  • It doesn't have the best parking options (there's a lot a block or so away) and is slightly more difficult to reach by bus than some places.

  • This place has the best food! It's very vegetarian friendly, but good for omnivores too.

  • They do hot beverages, juices, smoothies, and alcohol. I recommend their Doc Green juice!

  • One of the downsides of this place is that it can be a little expensive, particularly compared to other cafes.

  • Reset has a lot of seating and outlets, and customers regularly sit around doing work. Some of their seats are not the most comfortable, but that said, they also have a comfy couch if you are looking to lounge around.


Unlike the previous two cafes, I've only been to Saga once, but I had a great time! Saga is boardgame cafe downtown, but it also host people wanting to work. They have a wide variety of games and after a certain amount of time, you pay a flat fee for the time you spend playing games. Click here to see their website. Some things to consider:

  • Prices are $5 per hour per person, or $8 play all day, but they do have a 3 hour limit they can enforce if its particularly busy

  • They have lovely hot drinks and great small food items!

  • They do offer alcoholic drinks, so maybe check it out some evening.

  • There is plenty of seating and good chairs and tables.

  • People do work at this cafe, but it is definitely mostly a boardgame cafe, so keep that in mind!

Okay, so. Moving on to some places I would like to try:

Happiness Cafe!

First of all, with a name like that, you just feel like you have to try it. But from pictures online, it looks like a nice relaxed environment with tables that could be a nice place to hang out and work for a bit. It is also conveniently located downtown and probably wouldn't be that hard to get to. Click here to see their website. As a note, they also have a location in Masonville.

Asmara Coffee House

This place does organic coffee, which is awesome, even though I don't drink coffee. It looks like it has a nice atmosphere inside where I could hang out for a bit. The only downside of this place is that it is al little further away toward East London, so I will have to figure out if there is a good bus route! Click here to see their website.

Edgar and Joe's Cafe

This one is again a little bit harder for me to get to, but I'm curious about it. It has good reviews on trip advisor and has an interesting open feeling, modern design seating area that makes me want to investigate. Click here for more info.


This one is in Wortley again and seems like it might be a little small for hanging around for a while, but it has a really interestingly shaped space and looks inviting! I like the decor and there are great reviews on Google. Click here for more.

Do you have a favorite Cafe in London, ON? A favorite space to work off campus or just to grab a drink? Let me know!

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